The Mindlogger project is in active development.

Mindlogger’s code is divided into its backend (database, data management, and API), its web-based admin panel, and its mobile app.

We have 2 parallel stacks, one for testing, and one for development. Each GitHub repository has a wiki describing current and planned features, and issues are placed on kanban project boards by intended release version. Relevant links are provided in the table below.

Latest versionv0.1.4v0.1.3
Android downloadBitriseBitrise
iOS downloadTestFlightTestFlight
Web admin
Data dashboard
Girder API endpoint
Girder web
Database hostingMongo Atlas on Amazon Web ServicesMongo Atlas on Google Compute
Girder hostingElastic Beanstalk on Amazon Web Services
Admin panel hostingEC2 on Amazon Web ServicesGitHub Pages
Data dashboard hosting
Backend GitHub branchgirdergirder-dev
Admin panel GitHub branchAWSdevelop
App GitHub branchmasterdevelop
Data dashboard GitHub branchmindlogger-app-admin-v2
Backend GitHub wikiGitHub Wiki
Admin panel GitHub wikiGitHub Wiki
App GitHub wikiGitHub Wiki
Current project boardv0.1
Future project boardv0.2

The Contributing and Versioning sections of the app repository’s README are a good place to start if you’d like to participate in the coding effort. If you’d rather test without programming, please visit the Download and About pages for more information.